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Ambassador Yang Houlan Interviewed by Unity Journal of Myanmar

Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan said that Chinese companies should have further communications with the Myanmar society to enable a better understanding of the mutual benefits ...that bilateral cooperation projects will bring about among the general public.

In an exclusive interview with Unity Journal, a weekly publication in Myanmar, the Ambassador reaffirmed China's commitment to win-win cooperation with Myanmar.

"As a close neighbour, China is happy to see Myanmar's transition into a new period of peace, stability and rapid development," Mr. Yang said.

During the recent visit of Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi, a Plan of Action on the Implementation of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Cooperation was signed, which mapped out further steps to strengthen this partnership.

Citing examples of Chinese companies making contributions to the health and education programs in Myanmar over the years, Yang said that China is working towards delivering more development dividends to its neighboring countries.

"Some of the companies, however, do not have much experience and need to step up their outreach efforts."

The government will continue to encourage capable companies to invest in Myanmar with a view for common development, the Ambassador said.

On the party to party exchanges, Yang said that the Chinese side is always ready to engage all parties and personnel that are interested in developing friendly relations with China, with a view to increase trust and reduce misunderstanding.

According to Yang, a number of political parties from Myanmar were recently  invited to visit China or attend training programs there.

With regard to the peace process in Myanmar, the Ambassador said that peace and stability along the China-Myanmar border serves the common interests of both sides.

"Hopefully peace will be realized through talks which will create a favorable environment for the socio-economic development in that area. "

We are fully confident that Myanmar will achieve national reconciliation and stable development through its own efforts, the Ambassador said.

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