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Statement on the Military Conflicts in Northern Myanmar

    On 20 November 2016, military conflicts between the Tatmadaw and a few EAOs have broken out in Northern Myanmar near the China-Myanmar border. To escape the conflicts, some Myanmar inhabitants in the border area fled to the Chinese territory. For humanitarian considerations, the local Chinese government has taken in those who have crossed the border and sent the injured ones to hospitals for medical treatment.

    The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has been watching the situation closely, urging all parties in the conflicts to exercise restraint by taking concrete and effective measures for an immediate ceasefire so as to resume peace in the China-Myanmar border area as soon as possible.

    The Embassy reminds the Chinese citizens in Myanmar to watch out for their own safety by avoiding going to those conflict areas. In case of emergency, please call 0095-943209657 (Chinese Embassy) or 0095-9259172726 (Chinese Consulate-General in Mandalay ) for help.  

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